Fill the Church - 2011

Inspired by a Danish initiative we tried to “fill the church” Sunday, September 25. While there were more churchgoers than usual on that Sunday, about 30, it was our participation in Doors Open Grimsby 24th to 25th of September that really filled the church. This was a good opportunity to explain all about our beautiful old house and church. Many of our guests were passing by daily and had wondered what was going on in there. The ladies from our congregation were traditionally dressed and served “æbleskiver” and coffee, which was very popular.


Ready for visitors

From left: Eli Soberg (chair), Margrethe Friis, Edith Wulff

Lunch after the service
Sightseeing bus stopped at the church

From left: Edith Wulff, Henny Berg Nielsen, Michael Seamans (Planning Director of Doors Open Grimsby),Sue Vowles (represented Doors Open at our site), Pastor Nils Roland, two assistants